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What Our Schools Say

What do teachers and school leaders say about the IPC? 

Here you will find comments and case studies from teachers around the world who have implemented the IPC in their schools and classrooms.

There’s a very effective learning structure to the IPC with an excellent range of rigorous activities provided in each unit but these activities are flexible, allowing us to adapt the activities to suit our school and our children. The IPC provides the structure and the starting point and we’ve found this incredibly helpful.

Liz Peacock,
Deputy Headteacher, SS Simon and Jude CE Primary School, Bolton, England

When you reflect on your own practice, share what you do and measure it against the IPC accreditation criteria, it provides a clear focus for moving forward and allows the staff to celebrate what they are doing and to ultimately provide a consistency across the school towards your focus on learning.

Yvette Jeffrey,
Piasau School, Malaysia – an IPC Accredited school

The IPC has made tremendous impact on our children. Pupils are excited about learning with the IPC. They hate to stay away from school even when they are under the weather. From time to time, we hear comments like 'thank you for bringing the IPC to our school'. Both teachers and parents enjoy the hands on learning and children seem to retain the knowledge more.

It has broadened the horizon of both staff and pupils. It is practical and makes learning relevant. The IPC has also helped us to identify the learning styles of majority of our pupils while helping teachers to display various teaching skills at the same. Through the IPC, many of our pupils have come to see learning in a new light. It is so engaging and revealing.

Omowunmi Agunbiade,
Head of School , Tender Cradle School, Nigeria

Here at La Garenne International School in Switzerland, we are in our second year of implementing the IPC. We love the fact that the IPC is child centered and integrated across subjects. We have started using the assessment rubrics and our students have been very excited to assess their own learning and plan their next steps.

They have enjoyed seeing ‘the bigger picture’ and we love the international focus as our students are from all over the world. Our parents thought the Exit Point was amazing at the end of term as we are a boarding school and many of them had not seen their children for many weeks, so it made it extra special to experience their learning.

Rachel Sparrow,
IPC Coordinator, La Garenne International School, Switzerland

UK Case Studies

You can download our case studies to read more about how the IPC has been implemented in schools around the world:

International Case Studies

You can download our case studies to read more about how the IPC has been implemented in schools around the world:

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