Friday 12 January 2018

New Units for the IPC


Fieldwork Education are delighted to have published 8 new units for the IPC. These will further enrich our current content for schools globally including those following the English National Curriculum.

The new units are:

Mile Post 1

Treasure Island

Mile Post 2

Island Life

Bienvenue en France

All Aboard

Mile Post 3

Earth as an Island

Tour du Monde

The Story of English

Space Scientists

The Space Scientists unit completes our science offering – in keeping with the 3 week long science focused units. By including all of the 3 week long science units in route plans, the English National curriculum objectives for science will be covered. You can read more about this new unit here. The remaining 7 new units have been created to teach a range of subjects through new themes.

Bienvenue en France (Milepost 2) and Tour du Monde (Milepost 3) are our first World Languages units and have been written with our newly created World Languages Learning Goals. They have been written as 6 week IPC units with additional guidance on how you can continue using the language knowledge and skills throughout the remainder of the milepost. The World Languages Learning Goals have been created under 5 areas: listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural awareness. You can read more about our approach to World languages from our Head of IPC, Anna Vaughan, here.  

Bienvenue en France

World Languages

The 3 islands units are designed to build on each other, though they can be used as standalone units, schools may like to consider have Milepost 1 2 and 3 all learning about islands at the same time. These units will help cover all of the geography objectives in the English National Curriculum, within each of the sub-categories of locational knowledge, place knowledge, human & physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork. You can read more about the island units in a second blog by Anna here.

Islands units


The National Curriculum objectives in history relating to the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons are covered in a new unit which takes a chronological perspective to tell the story of the history of the English – including the history of the English language. The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons are included in this alongside other key moments in history that have influenced the language. Anna discusses this with the writer of the new unit in blog post here

The Story of English


As with all IPC units, all of these 8 units also include other subjects such as art, music, PE, technology and International. 

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