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International Curriculum Association – your partner in quality


The ICA works with you to support both the process of accreditation and the validation of the status. The accreditation process facilitates, and is a demonstration of, our shared commitment to continuous improvement and quality in curriculum implementation. Accreditation status is a public message that your schools meets external standards of quality – it is an assurance to your parents, school community and governing bodies.

Quality Assurance with the ICA involves a systematic review of provision with the purpose of improving and maintaining agreed standards of quality. As a process this encompasses a school-led self-evaluation including all key stakeholders – learners, parents, teachers, leaders – along with an external evaluation through the ICA to determine how well relevant standards are being met.

The Self-Review is structured around the ICA three core standards and key criteria dedicated to improving learning. These include the establishment of a shared vision of learning for the school, a reflection of the classroom practices that support this shared vision, the embedding of global competence within learners, teachers, leaders and the wider school community, in addition to the school’s approach to assessment and evaluation.

Core standards

The ICA has three core areas of quality, each is described by a standard and defined by a set of criteria. The Self-Review process is based on the following areas:

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School administration and operations

The school provides the necessary environment to enable the International Curriculum to be implemented safely and in accordance with the respective regulatory bodies for the school context

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School focus on improving learning for all

The school has shared understandings, definitions and policies to enable the International Curriculum to be implemented to its fullest extent

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Learning and teaching

The school ensures that its pedagogical philosophy, practices and processes are aligned with those of the International Curriculum

How can you join?

To become a learning partner with the ICA we require you to:

  • Hold at least a three-year subscription for either the IEYC, the IPC or the IMYC
  • Undertake an ICA application and registration process
  • Be committed to a cycle of continuous quality improvement
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The Quality Management Systems of the ICA are accredited by ISO and the range of services provided include:

A framework of seven foundations for improving learning
Accreditation standards, criteria and rubrics
Two stages of evaluation: Recognition and Accreditation
A mentor to support you through the process
Professional Learning for teachers and leaders

ICA pathway

ICA process
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