Thursday 8 March 2018

New IPC unit - All Aboard


All Aboard is a new 6 week IPC unit which forms part of our new content launch this Spring.

We spoke with the writer of this unit, Stephanie Kennedy, to learn more about the research behind it and what teachers can expect from this unit. Stephanie is an experienced teacher and has worked with the IPC for many years.

Does this unit follow a chronological structure?

This unit will develop a chronological understanding of the key developments in the history of the railway and the corresponding effects it had on the wider society, both in Britain and abroad.

What is the relationship of Britain to the rest of the world in this unit?

This unit tracks the invention of the railway in Britain and shows how it spread around the world. I think it captures really well how a single invention can have an impact and influence across the globe.

Describe an exciting resource that you’ve included in this unit:

There are a range of exciting interactive maps that show how railways have developed around the world and throughout history. They really encourage a global perspective of the subject. They illustrate how railways have grown through the years and allow the learners to fully immerse themselves in the subject.

What do you think learners will enjoy about this unit?

Besides being an exciting new technological development, the railways had a profound social and economic impact on everyday life.  The learners will have several role play opportunities where they can imagine what it would be like to witness the coming of the railways.

What do you think teachers will enjoy about this unit?

Have you ever stopped to think what biscuits, football and the Royal Mail have in common?! As well as explaining how railways came to be, this unit also describes the impact they had on wider society and helped to form the modern world as we see it now. The tasks and resources have been designed to give multiple perspectives on the development and impact of railways.

Fun Fact:

The longest railway in the world is the Trans-Siberian railway in Russia, which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. It is over 9,000 km (5,600 miles) and takes over seven days to complete

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