Monday 16 April 2018

Finding your way with the IPC


Anna Vaughan
Head of International Primary Curriculum and Education Lead

Profile Picture Anna Vaughan

Knowing from experience how much the 6 half terms can drive the year plan in a school, we have created a new suggested route plan for the IPC. Of course this is a suggestion from which to begin, there are different factors in every school that affect planning, from scheduling to special events.

For schools following the National curriculum for England this route plan will ensure coverage of science and the foundation subjects. For other schools all over the world, as well as schools in England not required to follow the National Curriculum, this new route plan will ensure a breadth of subject focus.

The route plan has been created utilising the science focused units that we have in each milepost. These are three week units that have science tasks, international tasks (as all units do) and one or two technology tasks. As most schools view science as a third core subject (or almost a core) usually with more curriculum time than other foundation subjects, we wanted to create a route plan which ensured focused teaching and learning covering a breadth of science topics across the three mileposts. We have carefully balanced these science units with our regular IPC units throughout the mileposts.

Other considerations were units that were suitable to schedule at the start of a milepost, for example, the Brainwave units. We have also suggested having our new languages units in the first half term. These were published in February 2018 and have suggestions for how to continue incorporating language throughout the year.  They do however, provide a focused six week immersion to start off.


The new route plan also accounts for the different duration of units. Of course these are approximations as you may choose to spend a greater or lesser time on Entry Points or Knowledge Harvests. 

To return to my point from the start, we hope this route plan can be a useful starting point for your school. If you are a school following the National Curriculum for England, then you can be assured that the objectives of science and the foundation subjects are covered through this plan. We have also published cross reference documents that indicate exactly which unit each objective of the National Curriculum is covered in. For all schools, we hope you will see that this suggested route plan provides you with a broad coverage of subjects.

We look forward to hearing your stories!


To view the route plan and the accompanying FAQs, IPC Members can click here

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