Monday 17 May 2021

Host your very own IPC Birthday Party!

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Help us celebrate our 21st birthday!

We would like to invite our global community to host their own IPC 21st birthday party wherever you are in the world. The location could be anywhere that works well, in your classroom, virtually or even enjoy an outside party on the school field (in line with your governments COVID regulations).

Over the next month pick a date that suits you, your class and your school best. Once you have decided on the date and location, we have a poster and invite for you to download to help you promote your birthday party to the school and wider school community.

We know what you are thinking, what about decorations? We have that covered, simply download our IPC birthday decorations and print before enlisting the helpful hands of excited learners to colour them in and style them.


The theme of the event will be looking back over the last 21 years, why not make a great music playlist with your students of great pop songs over the last two decades? This can be a fun music task that the students discuss with their parents at home and could all bring a few song ideas to add to your party playlist.

If you want to add an extra exciting layer to the event, why not make the party fancy dress? Ask your attendees to dress up in their best 2000’s outfits and hairstyles. Celebrating the year that the IPC was born and also a fun experience for learners to see the different styles and fashions whilst researching their costumes.

Party Entertainment
· Create a quiz referencing the last 21 years - global events, movies, music, sports, discoveries, tech, art etc.
· True or false Quiz
· Who am I 2000’s addition – the children guess which famous person they are
· Musical statues/ musical chairs to your class playlist (If guidelines allow)
· Millennium Bingo
· Charades

For learners who have already/will be doing the IPC unit ‘Let’s Celebrate’ this could be a great entry point or exit point or even just a flashback to the amazing learning that took place and re-jog their memory through elements of the games.

We are just so excited to be celebrating this milestone for our Primary Curriculum and would love for our international community to throw celebrations all around the world. A true testament to just how far the IPC has come by looking back at some of the amazing events that have taken place. Let us know if you and your class are planning your celebration and make sure to share on social media using the #IPCturns21!

IPC Party Downloads:

IPC 21St Hat Templates

IPC 21st Bunting Templates

IPC 21st Party Poster

IPC 21st Birthday Invite Template

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