Thursday 12 July 2018

My Summer Internship at Fieldwork Education

I’m so excited to see my campaign come to life and it feels great knowing that a campaign I’ve worked on will reach a global audience to help inspire amazing teaching

Today marks the end of my first month at Fieldwork Education and what a journey it has been! With two thirds of my A4 notebook filled with notes and having planned four different marketing campaigns, I can certainly say I’ve had my hands busy. I arrived at the reception of St Clements House in late June slightly nervous, this was going to be my first real internship and with little knowledge of the education sector, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nonetheless, as soon as I walked into the Fieldwork office, I felt instantly welcomed by the warmth and friendliness of the colleagues that I would be spending the next two months working alongside with.

One of the main reasons that I applied for the internship was to develop my understanding of the digital landscape. I’d say I’ve made great progress with this especially by learning how to operate web analytics and even a bit of coding. My first couple of weeks were dedicated to planning a new campaign which will be using different media to track the process of a unit, from entry point to exit point. I’m so excited to see my campaign come to life and it feels great knowing that a campaign I’ve worked on will reach a global audience to help inspire amazing teaching. Creating this campaign has also given me an excellent overview of the components of each curriculum and of marketing methods. I therefore now feel able to give a greater input when planning relevant and engaging content.

My favourite part of the internship so far has probably been attending this year’s Festival of Learning. Meeting educators from all around the world and hearing about their experiences of using the different curriculums were highly insightful. As a literature student, I also found the workshop run by Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) particularly interesting. Attending it made me remember how much I loved reading as a child and the important role books played in my life, from non-fiction to graphic novels. 

This retreat into nostalgia inspired me with the idea for a new campaign to focus on our collaboration with CLPE. Although still in its early stages, the aim of the campaign is to showcase the benefits to using the CLPE books mapped to each of our IPC units and how this can help raise the children’s reading attainment and enjoyment.  In order include other stakeholders in our campaign, we plan on inviting children to compose a piece of writing in response to a CLPE book they have studied. The lucky winners will then have their writing featured in an anthology that we will send out to IPC/CLPE linked schools across the world - more news on this soon!

Thanks to the accommodating nature of my colleagues, I already feel so settled here and have been able to learn so much about the company. I know that by the time my internship ends, I would have developed such strong transferable skills applicable to a range of graduate jobs.  I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait for the paths it will lead me to!

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