Wednesday 7 March 2018

Our latest collaboration with Jigsaw PSHE


It’s been a real privilege getting to know the Jigsaw PSHE Programme and its founder Jan Lever. At our first meeting, we both knew we shared ideas on pedagogy and had great respect for each others’ fields of work.


Anna Vaughan
Head of IPC at Fieldwork Education

Jan Lever
Creator and Director of Jigsaw

When Jan explained about the process of creating the Jigsaw PSHE Programme, I saw great similarity with the creation of the IPC learning goals. Jan described how they looked at a wide range of curricula and took the best from all, added the team’s knowledge and experience gained from working with many schools, and Jan’s experience in education and psychotherapy, to create a PSHE Scheme that does far more than just PSHE. This makes Jigsaw a unique whole-school community approach underpinned by mindfulness, philosophy and practice.

Both Jan and I had heard of schools using both the IPC and Jigsaw, so we wanted to make it easier for schools to see the alignment. The natural fit was to the IPC Personal Learning Goals. We took the expanded version of the 8 Personal Learning Goals, ( if you are a member school they can be found in Appendix A of the IPC implementation file) and mapped them to the key themes within Jigsaw. This means that schools can easily use opportunities like assemblies to improve learning about both the Jigsaw theme and an aspect of one of the IPC Personal Learning Goals.

As a second phase, Jan’s colleague then spent time in the summer mapping all the aspects of the IPC Personal Learning Goals to Jigsaw pieces (lessons) which sit within each of the 6 half-termly Puzzles (units) for each year group. This work has produced a separate document for each year group providing further support for teachers as they link both their Jigsaw learning intentions and different aspects of the IPC Personal Learning Goals.

We are thrilled that this collaboration will help schools to see the expanded version of the IPC Personal Learning Goals which in turn will help children to really understand what they are and how to develop them.

We look forward to hearing feedback from schools and to our continued IPC-Jigsaw collaboration!


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