Wednesday 11 July 2018

What do children say about learning with the IPC?

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Anna Vaughan
Head of International Primary Curriculum and Education Lead

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In February I had the opportunity to spend some time with some Milepost 2 and 3 children at SS. Simon & Jude CE Primary School in the north of England. I wanted to hear from them what learning had been like with the IPC.

We sat outside the classroom, without any teachers to chat. The best part about working with the IPC is being able to hear from anyone in the school community of the positive effect of learning with the IPC. Sitting with these children, I was once again blown away by their enthusiasm for learning, the strong sense of International Mindedness they had as well as their description of the benefit of the Personal Learning Goals. Read on for some great answers to the questions I had.

QWhat 3 words would you use to describe the IPC?


Interesting, important and amazing.
Creative, extraordinary and mind-blowing.
Historical, interesting and international.
Educational, fun and helpful.
Helpful, extraordinary and amazing.
Interesting, educational and exciting.

QHow do you use the IPC in your school?


"As you can see we start with learning about us. We learn about ourselves and our culture, and then we go on to learn about our world."
"It’s not like English or Maths, it’s international you’re learning about - different countries, we learn about different countries, that they’re all different and some are the same so we shouldn’t judge."
"When we learning we start with a Knowledge Harvest so teachers know what we already know so they don’t teach us again. We also get to write what we want the teachers to teach."

QDo you think the Personal Learning Goals are an important part of school and education?


"Yes, because you need to respect and think about others and how they might feel, for example, if you are mean to someone you need to think about how they might feel."
"If people are being nasty and not following the rules, I think it would make people think about it. If you didn’t have them, I don’t know, I think it would be wild!"
"They’re important to our school because resilience means to keep on trying, so you don’t give up straight away. Resilience is important in life, always keep trying to become citizens of tomorrow. Personal Learning Goals help us to have the right qualities, we have assemblies about Growth Mindset, this is important to carry on."

QWhat International learning you have done?


"Every time we have the IPC we have our country and a host country, for us we’re learning about weather and at the moment our host country is Dubai, so we see the similarities and differences, and we don’t just do writing we do role plays."
"In Year 3 we did about the rainforest, we did a lot about Brazil and how they live there."
"In each class, there is an Action Aid Child that you write about, so we learn more about their country."

QWhat does International Mindedness mean to you?


"We always have time to think, we link to compassion and our Christian values, we have reflection time, so we think about countries and other religions."
"International Mindedness means to me to be aware of others and of myself."
"You shouldn’t think that you’re the only special one there’s lots of other people on the earth so you need to share it with others."

QHow has learning about themes through different subjects helped you?


"People like to learn differently, so the different subjects give everyone a chance to do their best."

QWhat do you think the benefits of having the IPC at your school have been?


"You wouldn’t have a topic and you wouldn’t learn about everything, we learn about the world and how people’s cultures are different from each other."
"The school wouldn’t do as well, it helps us to learn not everyone’s the same, and we do lots of fun things. Going to school wouldn’t be as fun and you wouldn’t want to learn."
"I find the IPC really interesting, we find out about different countries. I think the IPC is really important. We wouldn’t learn as much as we do if we didn’t have it."

QWhat would you say to a school that was considering using the IPC ?


"You can learn lots more with the IPC."
"You should do it, it would help people to come to your school and it’s better for the children."
"I would say obviously use the IPC because it helps us to learn."

QWhat can you tell me about Knowledge, Skills and Understanding?


"Knowledge are things that you learn, Skills you need to practice and Understanding helps you learn more."

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