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Become an IEYC School

The newest curriculum in the Fieldwork family, the IEYC has been available since May 2016.

Now over 500 nursery and early years settings in 60 countries are using it for its global best practice and approach to personal development and international mindedness.

The IEYC does not require any formal pre-qualification process prior to membership.

IEYC Membership

IEYC members have access to the following resources and tools:

  • MyFieldwork online, with access to key documents such as the IEYC Self-Review, videos, case studies and supporting documents to help you successfully implement the IEYC in your setting
  • 18 units of work for 2-5 year olds based around exciting themes which capture children’s natural curiosity with more being added
  • Support with assessing progress through the IEYC assessment guidance
  • Professional Learning opportunities for new and experienced teachers delivered in-school, via blended learning or online.
  • Access to an online community of Fieldwork staff and other IEYC members around the world to learn from and share best practice
  • You will also receive individual member support via email and phone, regular member e-newsletters, and access to the IEYC logo and posters for use in your school.
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IEYC Accreditation and Self-Review

All IEYC members receive a Self-Review tool to guide you through implementation of the IEYC and help you define and improve the quality of your teaching. The results of the review can be fed into your nursery's improvement plans and into the evidence you gather for external reviews and inspections.

We also offer a formal accreditation process that provides an external view of your setting’s implementation of our curriculum and can lead to the award of an externally validated mark of quality.

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Although children’s interests have always been part of our approach to learning, the IEYC makes it very explicit that Capturing Curiosity should be central to how themes are developed. We have responded to this by creating ‘learning spaces’ where children can develop their own ideas and interest - this helps ensure that enquiry-based learning can take place every day.”

Tricia Hagan,
Nursery Coordinator, Sakhalin International School, Russia
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