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IEYC Accreditation


At Fieldwork Education, we believe an effective curriculum is one of the most important tools in the development of learning-focused schools.

Our rigorous International Curriculum includes our Self-Review Process, which helps our member schools reflect on how they are implementing the curriculum as a school improvement tool.


The IEYC Self-Review Process considers nine key criteria of our curriculum, dedicated to improving learning. This includes the establishment of a shared vision of the school, a reflection of the classroom practices that support this shared vision, the embedding of International Mindedness across learners, teachers, leaders and the wider school community, in addition to the school’s approach to assessment and evaluation.

With specific strands for learners, teachers, leaders and the wider community, our Self-Review Process ensures that all stakeholders are involved.

Member schools work towards accreditation having initially implemented our International Curriculum, commencing with a pre-accreditation consultation and the school conducting our Self-Review Process.

In collaboration with Fieldwork Education, who oversee the culminating accreditation visit, the school is presented with an external view of the school’s implementation of the IEYC and improving learning recommendations from an objective international organisation on areas for continued improvement, always focused on improving learning. Our accreditation visits are performed by trained accreditation leaders with peer-accreditation team members, themselves from accredited schools. Accreditation lasts for 3 years and is renewed with the same process.

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