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Founded in 1984 by two Headteachers who had a vision to improve learning, we have become the fastest-growing independent primary curriculum in the world. We have also developed early years and middle years curriculum to improve learning throughout a child's education.

Fieldwork Education was created to offer practical, accessible and jargon-free help to schools that was firmly rooted in best practice and research. Our founders recognised that students’ learning was the single most important factor by which teachers, schools and communities contributing to that learning should be judged by.

Improving learning soon became our mission statement and we have since grown to be known worldwide for our leading curriculums and our professional learning and leadership development programmes.

This section is to introduce the unit you are using for the entry point. A little bit of an introduction about the unit itself and the plan you have for the entry point.

*example below*

Active Planet

Are your children busy, or are they busy learning? This is the question that we need to be able to answer throughout each IPC unit – what improvements are being made to children’s learning as a result of studying this theme?


Entry Point

Describe what your class did for their entry point. How you prepare for it? What were the children’s reactions?

Unit - Name of unit being used

Podcast speakers - name of everyone taking part of the podcast.