Wednesday 22 November 2017

Is The International Primary Curriculum Right For Your School?


Anna Vaughan
Head of International Primary Curriculum and Education Lead

Anna Qa Fol
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Anna Vaughan, Head of Fieldwork Education’s IPC, explains why schools in more than 90 countries have chosen the IPC for their primary curriculum and answers your questions..

What is the International Primary Curriculum?

The IPC focuses on developing knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects set within cross-curricular, thematic units that are creative and challenging for children. The aim of the IPC is to help children develop an enquiring mind, the personal attributes that will support them through their teenage and adult years, and to develop a sense of their own nationality while having respect for the nationalities and cultures of others.

How does the IPC make learning exciting?

The IPC has a clear learning focus for each unit. This begins with a fun ‘entry point’ to immerse children in the unit’s theme and finishes at the end of the unit with the ‘exit point’, which provides a great way to celebrate learning. In between the entry and exit points are a range of engaging learning opportunities across the curriculum as well as a focus on personal and international learning goals.

Can I adapt the IPC to suit my school?

Yes, and we encourage you to! The IPC is designed to be flexible so that it can be adapted for a school’s unique context. In each unit, we provide you with the necessary structure to get started in terms of the learning process, tasks and activities, but we encourage you to take our units and incorporate your own ideas as you become more confident with the process and pedagogy of the IPC.

How can using the IPC save teachers time?

We provide the actual content teachers need for their lessons, rather than just a framework or outcomes. To support this, we also provide an online route planner – an interactive tool that provides a quick snapshot to show the coverage against learning goals based on the units you’ve chosen. I’ve also analysed the most efficient way to cover the national curriculum for England and we’re creating additional route plans to demonstrate coverage with specific units.

How does the IPC promote an international outlook?

We’re passionate about developing internationally-minded children so each IPC unit has embedded within it, across the different subjects, activities that help children develop a global awareness and gain an increasing sense of themselves, their community and the world around them. We also include specific tasks related to ‘international’ as a subject in its own right, and encourage schools to explore the units from both a local and international perspective.

What education experience does the Fieldwork Education team have?

Our three curriculum leaders (myself included) have extensive experience in education, including practical classroom experience as well as working on education projects in the private sector and with government. We are also very fortunate to have a curriculum advisory board, led by Dr Mary Hayden and Professor Jeff Thompson from the University of Bath, who review and oversee the development of each curriculum annually.

Do you provide CPD for schools?

Yes. We offer a range of professional learning courses to suit schools who are in what we call the ‘beginning’, ‘developing’ or ‘mastering’ stage of IPC implementation. Training is offered in the form of face-to-face, online and blended courses depending on what works best for your school. We also host a festival of learning each year in Asia and the UK where teachers can learn and share ideas alongside colleagues from other IPC member schools.

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