Thursday 12 October 2017

Linking learning with the teenage brain

Middle Years IMYC

Teachers and schools around the world are discovering the power of learning with a curriculum that recognises and supports the unique needs of the maturing adolescent brain.

We know students need to be able to link their learning to something meaningful, be active and engaged with their learning, and also be able to learn with and from their peers. The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) supports students by not only recognising these key needs, but also ensures rigorous learning and progress for every student.

After careful study of the latest Neuroscientific research, we identified five key needs of the adolescent brain and developed elements into the IMYC that were specifically designed to support each one. 

The IMYC uses a concept based curriculum design, building units around ‘big ideas’ that help students interlink all their learning. The IMYC also uses a specific process of learning (based on the way the brain learns) consistently across all subjects. This helps students with planning and organising, both regulated by the maturing pre-frontal cortex of the adolescent brain.

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