Tuesday 4 December 2018

Introducing our new Recommendations for Implementation and Improving Learning!

Early Years

We love to help our members get the most out of our International Curriculum, so to help with the process of improving learning our team has been working away to create new tools to help leaders and teachers implement our International Curriculum effectively. This has resulted in us developing the Recommendations for Implementation and Improving Learning. 

These documents are available per curriculum for our members and have been created as a form of guidance and a practical checklist that can be used by school leaders and teachers to see if they are meeting the Recommendations for Implementation. This ensures the learning goals of the units are being met and schools can access what structures might need to be put in place to reach the curriculum's full potential.  


The Pre-Accreditation column is to help our member schools assess what needs to be in place when considering going through a Pre-Accreditation. Once a school feels that they meet most of the core elements, this is when a Pre-accreditation visit would take place. Once a school starts looking at the Accreditation column, the elements listed are the core of our accreditation level. The suggested evidence in the final column of this document can be used by schools to gather supporting documents to show their strong implementation of our International Curriculum on the journey towards Accreditation.

A great advantage to using our new documents is that it touches on the displays and planning within the classroom too. The display element works as a worksheet for teachers to be used when creating displays within the learning environment and also there is a guide for teachers to use when planning lessons.   

Jane Denby, Head of Accreditation:
More and more schools when they are considering the IEYC, IPC and IMYC or have just started to implement the curriculums ask advice from us about what they need to put in place to implement our international curriculum effectively and what the process is to be accredited. This document will give clear guidance on the structures and systems that they need to put in place as soon as possible, and then further support on what they should be considering as the curriculum is embedded in their school, and as they move towards accreditation.  We do hope that the new Recommendations for Implementation and Improving Learning with its clear suggested evidence will be a useful tool for all schools learning through the IEYC, IPC and IMYC.

If you are a member, great news! You can download these useful resources right now by login to MyFieldwork. Not a member but would love to learn more, get in touch here.

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