Wednesday 17 October 2018

Success in Singapore: Launching the New Professional Learning Pathway

At the start of September we launched our brand new Professional Learning Pathway during our first regional event of the new school year at the Overseas Family School (OFS) in Singapore. During the two-day event multiple workshops were held on the first level of our innovative Professional Learning Pathway - ‘Implementation’.

After a warm welcome and introduction from our Fieldwork Education Director, Gregory Biggs our attendees split into their training groups. Once in their groups, each team received workshops on their chosen curriculum of either the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) with each session focusing on how to implement the key knowledge, develop the concept and increase understanding.


Implementation is a vital step on the Professional Learning Pathway and it is a crucial ingredient for creating a strong foundation of learning for those new to using our Fieldwork curriculums. The workshops were spread out over two days with 6 training sessions taking place in total for each curriculum. Members also enjoyed breaks after each session including a lovely afternoon tea to allow for participants to have a chance to exchange ideas and discuss their workshops with teaching peers.

At the end of the event we received some wonderful feedback from the first set of trainees. Our members stated that they felt they were heading back to their respective schools with new insight on how to deliver our international curriculums but also practical ways to make an impact in the classroom. Finally, our members commented on how they felt the event was a great way to make fellow curriculum friends, create professional links with schools in their region and that they had fully become a part of our International Fieldwork Education Family! 

"It was a genuine pleasure to witness the launch of the Fieldwork Education Professional Learning Pathway in Singapore and participate in the learning experience with practitioners from across the region, who all have one thing in common across the range of International Curriculum, the desire to facilitate and improve learning in the classroom. It was a wonderful event and professional learning experience for all those involved. The Fieldwork Education Professional Learning Pathway is set to support practitioners and leaders in schools around the world, as part of our international community and reflect the learning needs of our schools, practitioners and leaders on their respective journeys across the range of International Curriculum" 

Gregory Biggs,
Fieldwork Education Director

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