Monday 7 October 2019

Fieldwork Education announces exciting collaboration with Target Tracker


Fieldwork Education is delighted to be announce a brand-new collaboration between Target Tracker and The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to bring our member schools access to a new Assessment for Learning Digital Tracking Tool.

In line with Ofsted guidance, assessment systems support the pupils’ journey through the curriculum by providing teachers with a digital tool for tracking progress. Assessment trackers provide teachers with data from their whole class which they can use to inform planning for future learning. Leaders can use the sophisticated built in analysis tools to gain valuable insights and monitor progress across mileposts and the entire school.

Target Tracker now offers access to the IPC Learning Goals and rubrics for the key skills. If your school is already using Target Tracker you can now request that this content be activated. There are skills goals for Science, Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education and Art. Target Tracker has also added International as a subject, in line with IPC’s aim to develop international mindedness students.

Learning advice on how to progress from ‘Beginning’ to ‘Developing’ and from Developing’ to ‘Mastering’ is also available within the Target Tracker software for each of the IPC Key Skill Learning Goals.

An IPC accredited school and experienced user of Target Tracker trialled the system during the summer term 2019 to ensure seamless coordination between the systems. After a positive response we are excited to announce the launch to all our IPC members and we hope that this collaboration will further support the implementation of IPC.

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting collaboration and to find out more about Target Tracker head to To learn more about our IPC Assessment for Learning platforms, IPC members can learn more on MyFieldwork at


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