Friday 22 February 2019

IPC and OFSTED Quality Curriculum Indicators


In September 2019 Ofsted will launch a revised inspection framework which sees a major shift away from data to a clear focus on curriculum. To support our IPC member schools, we have created a document that seeks to identify how the IPC philosophy, pedagogy and practise meets the criteria of a quality curriculum as defined by Ofsted.

Fieldwork Education provides schools with the tools to implement a broad and balanced curriculum with appropriately sequenced content and clear stages of progression. The IPC learning goals made up of Subject, Personal and International goals encompassing Knowledge, Skills and Understanding provide the intent of the curriculum. The implementation documents and detailed Process of Learning offer guidance on how to bring the curriculum to life.

The Self Review is a powerful process for any school to develop their understanding of the 9 principles that are the basis of the IPC. The process promotes reflection and evaluation of where schools are with regards to implementation and helps schools find evidence of their success and areas for improvement.  Engaging with the Self Review is one way schools can prepare for the new Ofsted inspection framework.

While this document meets a need for our UK based members it also provides a potential template and analysis method for any schools needing to meet national/local requirements beyond curriculum content.

For our member schools, you can download the Ofsted Mapping Document by clicking HERE

If you would like to learn more about the IPC click HERE to request a pack.

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