Friday 31 May 2019

Introducing our new Fieldwork Education Professional Learning Catalogue 2019/2020

Early Years Primary Middle Years

Over the last few months our Professional Learning Team have been working away to create our new Professional Learning (PL) catalogue.

Our up-to-date downloadable catalogue explains the wide variety of training courses on offer to support our International Early Years Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum and International Middle Years Curriculum as well as our International Leaders and Management Programme.

Our extensive range of training programmes means that there is a course well suited to everyone. For example, ‘Level 1: Launching the IEYC’ is a perfect professional learning course for school leaders and teachers who are looking to find out more about our international curricula and how to implement the curricula successfully to get the full benefit. Whilst our ‘Acceleration to Accreditation’ course, is the next step for teachers and school leaders who have successfully embedded our international curricula and are looking for more guidance on how to achieve Accreditation.

We know schools are often at different stages on their International curriculum journey, so we have structured our courses by curriculum and divided them into 3 levels:

Level 1 - Introductory course Professional Learning for each curriculum

Level 2 - Mid-Level Professional Learning focusing on Embedding each curriculum

Level 3 - Expertise - In-depth investigations into each curriculum or area of specific subject

Therefore, making it easier for schools to evaluate what level they are currently working at for their specific curriculum and to access which course seamlessly suits their needs, and what area they wish to advance in.  

Once a school has decided on their course, it’s time to plan when the training will take place. Here at Fieldwork Education we understand the value of time within schools around the world, so we provide 3 ways in which schools can receive PL training at the most convenient time for them. Our professional learning can be delivered from the following three options:

Online- A 3-week part time online learning experience

In-school – A 2-day training event held within the school receiving the training

Regional Events – A 2-day training event at a central location with multiple schools in attendance

By working with our team, we can design and schedule the perfect time, Fieldwork Education Trainer and location for any of our 22 Professional Learning Courses to take place. This also includes our beneficial International Leaders and Management Programme aimed at Middle and Senior leaders to enhance their leadership and management abilities within their current and future roles.  

We hope you look forward to improving learning through our Professional Learning courses over the next academic year. Click the following download link below to start planning your training today!


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