Wednesday 12 June 2019

Introducing the New IPC Support Guides


Fieldwork Education has developed three new guidance documents to support the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). They have been designed to benefit our members and users of the IPC in schools all around the world.

Our new guidance documents have been split into A, B and C.

 A) IPC Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide aims to provide an introduction and overview of the IPC, to help with schools’ understanding of the design and philosophy of the Curriculum. Within the support guide you will find a wealth of information including what the IPC is, how to get started, an explanation of the IPC Learning Goals and a useful frequently asked question section.

B) IPC Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide aims to provide teachers and leaders with advice on how to implement and review the curriculum. Within the support guide you will find recommendations for implementing IPC in your school, how to plan IPC units and the IPC Process of Learning. 

The Implementation Guide also provides key information regarding our Assessment for Learning within the International Primary Curriculum, along with a variety of helpful tips for delivering the curriculum.

C) Self-Review and Accreditation Guide

The Self-Review and Accreditation Guide aims to provide teachers and leaders with a detailed set of criteria and standards that are required for a school to be externally accredited by Fieldwork Education for its implementation of the IPC. The Self-Review and Accreditation Guide contains the 3rd edition IPC Self-Review rubrics which were introduced in March 2019.

Feedback from Members

We recently tested the new support guides in an IPC training course delivered by Jacqueline Harmer, International Curriculum Manager (IPC), and received the following feedback from our members:

“The new updated guides are much easier to read and understand, especially with how the IPC elements all links together. “
“I feel that the self-review guide is much clearer, more user friendly and more accessible to teachers and school leads”
 “The Implementation Guide is more focused. The questions are like a checklist. It is easy to identify the key focus of each foundation”

Accessing the Support Guides

To download the IPC guidance documents, log in to MyFieldwork. We've also created a webcast discussing them, which you can listen to below or on MyFieldwork. 

With so much positive feedback already, we are confident that the use of our updated guides will help all schools with implementing the International Primary Curriculum and support schools working towards Self-Review and Accreditation. 

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