Monday 29 July 2019

Introducing the new IEYC Support Guides

Early Years

Fieldwork Education has developed three new IEYC Guides to support our International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). All three Guides have been designed to benefit our members and users of the IEYC in schools all around the world. 

A) IEYC Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide provides an introduction of the IEYC within educational early years settings, and helps explain the design and philosophy behind the IEYC. Within this support guide you will also find useful information on the various ways to communicate the International Early Years Curriculum, Units of Learning, the IEYC Learning Process and IEYC nine foundations for improving learning.  

B) IEYC Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide provides teachers and leaders with advice on how to implement and review the curriculum within their early years educational setting. Within this IEYC support guide you will also find guidance on learning environments, the eight IEYC learning Principles, helpful timelines for launching the IEYC in your school/early years setting and an explanation of the IEYC Personal Learning Goals. 

C) IEYC Self-Review and Accreditation Guide

The Self-Review and Accreditation Guide aims to provide teachers and leaders within a early years educational setting with a detailed set of criteria and standards that are required for a School/Early Years setting to be externally Accredited and Re-accredited by Fieldwork Education for its implementation of the IEYC. The Self-Review and Accreditation Guide contains the 2nd edition IEYC Self-Review rubrics which were introduced in August 2019

We asked Verity Welch, Head of the International Early Years Curriculum about the new support guides  “These are brand new core documents released in August 2019. They offer practical advice to support your implementation and review of the curriculum. Don’t forget to read/download our new IEYC A, B and C support guides.”

To download the brand-new support guides head to MyFieldwork and look at the Core Document section, under Curriculum. 

To listen to our latest Webcast about the IEYC Guides please head to MyFieldwork Webinar section. With so much positive feedback already, we are confident that the use of our updated guides will help all schools with implementing the International Early Years Curriculum and help schools work towards Self-Review and Accreditation.