Thursday 12 March 2020

Special Edition News: Covid-19

Early Years Primary Middle Years

As our learning community around the world rises to the challenges produced by Coronavirus (Covid-19), we would like to share with you some fantastic examples of positive news and great eLearning.

So many of our international members are finding themselves in difficult situations but the level of commitment and creativity in supporting learners remains undaunted. We would like to offer our wholehearted support, empathy and respect to all students, teachers and schools at this time.

Useful documents for supporting learning

As a Special Edition News piece, below you will find useful documents containing examples of some of the innovative approaches schools are using for eLearning, as well as some advice/guidance from our International Curriculum Conference keynote speaker, Educational Psychologist Dr Angie Wigford.

Talking about COVID-19 with learners  |  Distance learning at TH School, Hanoi  |  Online learning with the IPC at Keystone Academy, China  |  COVID-19 Burnout

Your questions answered

We understand that our members might have a few questions for us, so we have created a mini Q & A section to provide guidance about the following.

Q: I have booked in-school training but my school is now closed.  What should I do?
A: Please inform us as soon as possible by emailing

Q: My school is still open but there are travel restrictions – is it still possible to have in-school training?
A: This will be dependent on the restrictions and location of the Fieldwork Education Trainer, therefore requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact us

Q: I can see that the International Curriculum Conference has been rearranged to November – can I get a refund if I now can’t attend or if it is cancelled/postponed again?
A: If you are no longer able to attend, we can refund your payment. Should there be any further changes to the rescheduled date we would inform all delegates regarding their options.

Q: We are preparing for online delivery of our curriculum, are there any examples of what schools are doing?
A: Please see the useful documents for supporting online learning above.

Q: Will there be additional online Professional Learning courses added to the schedule?
A: This is something we are happy to consider, please contact for further information.

How are you supporting learning during this time?

We are amazed at the incredible eLearning and practical answers/solutions teachers and schools are creating around the globe. If you have any helpful resources that you have created/adapted for the use of students via online portals, such as Google Hangouts, please help your global teaching community by sharing them on Pinboard.

From social media, we can see that some great education companies are offering free upgrades or free use of their  eLearning software for educators around the world. We will be re-sharing on our Fieldwork and Curriculum social media channels helpful links to resources that we believe will be of use to our members.

Need more advice or have questions?