Wednesday 8 January 2020

Fieldwork Education announces collaboration between Tapestry and The IEYC

Early Years

Fieldwork Education is thrilled to announce a new collaboration between Tapestry and The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) to bring our early year community an exciting online learning journaling tool.   


Tapestry launched in 2012 and provides interactive, integrated resources dedicated to early years education. Used by 17,000 educational settings in 40 countries, the helpful online platform can track each child’s unique way of learning and developing. The IEYC will be available as a curriculum framework on the Online Learning Journal platform from January 2020.

The IEYC was designed with the full understanding of the dynamic nature of children’s learning and that children will not all reach developmental milestones all at the same time. We believe that Tapestry is the perfect online tool for our early years community to monitor individual learners progress all on one platform, saving our early years teachers valuable time. Following a successful trial throughout 2019, we are extremely grateful to Tapestry for the integration of the IEYC and hope this supports schools’ and early years settings’ implementation of the IEYC and their engagement of parents in their children’s learning.


To watch an informative video about Tapestry and the IEYC Framework please click HERE. For IEYC members who are already using Tapestry it is easy to set up the new element. Find a helpful demonstration of how to turn on the IEYC framework by clicking HERE. The framework is available on both the browser version of Tapestry and the Tapestry app (for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices).

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