Tuesday 28 January 2020

Fieldwork Education announces exciting collaboration between The IEYC and now>press>play

Early Years

We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration between The International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and now>press>play to bring our early years community an exciting educational audio resource.


Founded in 2012, now>press>play is an award-winning immersive audio resource that connects young learners to their current unit through emotion, imagination and movement. In a now>press>play Experience, every child is given a pair of brightly coloured wireless headphones to get them ready for their exhilarating journey. Learners are immersed in sound, become the main character in a story, meet new people, discover incredible places and solve problems on an engaging educational adventure they’ll never forget. You can watch a now>press>play audio Experience in full action here.

After a successful collaboration between the IPC and now>press>play, we are thrilled to map this fantastic learning tool to The International Early Years Curriculum to inspire children’s learning. Together, we’ve mapped seven IEYC units to educational immersive audio Experiences by now>press>play that align with our Learning Goals.


Teachers may wish to use an now>press>play mapped Experience as an entertaining entry point to a new unit. For example, the IEYC unit ‘Ocean Treasures’ is linked seamlessly to the now>press>play Experience ‘Under the Sea’. Listening to an immersive underwater adventure would be the perfect introduction to the unit and would capture learners curiosity from the very beginning.

If your school already has a now>press>play subscription, we encourage you to explore the IEYC and IPC mapped audio Experiences and great learning resources available. Our helpful mapping documents can be found on our online members portal Myfieldwork under IEYC connections and IPC connections.

We can’t wait to see our IEYC community using now>press>play to engage early years children and help them make connections to their learning.

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