Thursday 30 July 2020

Introducing the brand new IPC2020 Milepost 1 Curriculum

Primary IPC IPC2020

As we look to the future and the ever-changing world of international education, we are thrilled to announce the launch our brand new IPC2020 curriculum to celebrate 20 years of our world renowned International Primary Curriculum.

Over the last year, our curriculum team have been working tirelessly to review, research and create a modernized milepost 1 curriculum for our member schools around the world. Milepost 1 of our exciting IPC2020 curriculum is now live on Myfieldwork for all IPC members to access and explore all the fresh, updated, and brilliant new elements.

The release of the IPC2020 milepost one is the first step in the rolling out of our full future-proof curriculum, with the Milepost 2 review currently in progress. We will be releasing the Milepost two and three curriculums over the next couple of years, allowing our schools to adjust to the new changes and our new schools to hit the ground running with our fresh methodologies.

Some of the latest features include the new Process to Facilitate Learning, revised Learning Goals and new/updated units. Milepost 1 units now contain:

  •  Brainwave: Metacognition to meet members requests for a follow up to build on the  Brainwave used at the beginning of the Milepost.
  • A range of single subject units for Art, Music and PE that follow the same cycle as the thematic units.  
  • Standardisation of units to 3 or 6 weeks to support schools with route planning.  
  • More support and guidance for assessment of Key Skills 
  • Glossaries to boost vocabulary learning 

Jacqueline Harmer, IPC Curriculum Manager shared some of the fantastic aspects for schools and teachers:

"The intensive IPC review allowed us to reassess the Fieldwork curriculum priorities to future proof both the process and content of learning.  The inclusion of reflection in the Process to Facilitate Learning will support teachers with purposeful and planned reflection to support the consolidation of knowledge, improvement of skills and development of understanding. The Learning Goals have been completely revised and published in a matrix format for coherence, continuity, and clear progression. New features include Milepost indicators for the Personal Learning Goals and the new subject of Health & Wellbeing."

The decision to launch our Milepost 1 curriculum at this time was made to help our schools and teachers with their planning in preparation for the next academic year. We are pleased to be able to assist IPC Milepost 1 teachers and leaders with useful tools and resources such as two suggested route plans and assessment suggestions for key skills, all available on our members portal, Myfieldwork.

One of the new features that we are excited to see taking place in schools around the world are the challenges such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Challenge Series, which will encourage students to play an active role in helping to achieve the SDG goals set for each year. This challenge series represents and upholds one of our core values of developing students through the IPC to become conscious global learners.

Fieldwork Education Divisional Director, Gregory Biggs expressed what the update means for the future of the International Primary Curriculum:

"We are delighted with the outcomes of the IPC review and look forward to supporting schools with improving learning for years to come. Due to the review’s rigorous research and development, the IPC2020 presents schools and teachers with a fantastic structure and framework for an international curriculum that can be adapted to suit any learning context in primary years."

We look forward to seeing the IPC2020 curriculum in action from the start of the Academic year and to hear exciting feedback from our global community of the positive changes the new curriculum has made to their planning and to their students.

For members wishing to explore, head to Myfieldwork and simple click the new page element for the IPC2020 curriculum. For more developments and to see our IPC2020 curriculum in action, make sure you keep an eye on our social media channels for posts using #IPC2020.

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