Tuesday 29 September 2020

Call for IPC2020 Writers

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Over the last few months we have been delighted with the way our newly released IPC2020 Milepost 1 curriculum has been received by our international primary community. The exciting launch was due to the hard work of our curriculum team and fantastic IPC2020 writers and reviewers from IPC teaching backgrounds all over the world. 

We reached out to a few of our IPC2020 writers and reviewers to ask how they found the experience: 

Caroline Gordon, International Primary Curriculum Leader at British International School of Chicago Lincoln Park 

'Working on the IPC2020 review has been a really positive experience. The IPC has always been relevant and adaptable, but the new changes really allow children to explore and become active participants in the world around them. The new and updated units will engage and inspire children to think more deeply about what is going on around them, and will continue to foster a love of learning.'

Daniel Franklin, Assistant Head of Primary at British International School of Houston.

'Having the opportunity to write a Unit and Rubrics for Milepost 1 of the new IPC2020 curriculum was a personally rewarding experience. The very nature of the IPC promotes inquiry and I have always seen the IPC as a gateway to opportunity, endless possibility and personal growth. Through the review and update process, I gained a different perspective and a greater respect for the variety of experiences a student has during their learning journey within the IPC framework. I am excited for the many ways the new updated units build on the foundations set by the previous units, as they continue to develop individuals in becoming more responsible global citizens; both for now and for their future.'

Janine Grassby, International Primary Curriculum Leader at Nexus International School Malaysia

'Writing the new rubrics has given me an excellent insight into the progression of learning goals throughout the mileposts and  the importance of giving learners effective learning advice which can enable and encourage them to make progress between 'Beginning and Innovating'. The IPC2020 has adapted the curriculum and assessment to meet the needs of today's global citizens and successfully equips them with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for today and tomorrow.'

We are thrilled that we had the chance to work closely with excellent IPC teachers and as you know the release of the IPC2020 Milepost 1 is the first step in the rolling out of our full future-proof curriculum, but we still have 2 more Mileposts to go!

*IPC Teachers - We need you!*
We are searching for teachers to contribute to ongoing development of Milepost 2 units over the next few months. Being involved with writing/reviewing stage of Milepost 2 for the IPC2020 curriculum is a fantastic professional learning opportunity for our primary teachers and a great way to gain experience whilst being creative.


We are searching for educators who:

• Are familiar with the newly released updates of the IPC2020

• Are creative with planning learning experiences for the IPC

• Are comfortable working to firm deadlines

• Work collaboratively and respond well to feedback

• Have a good command of written English

If you are interested, please send which Milepost 2 units you have the most familiarity with or interest in reviewing to jacqueline.harmer@fieldworkeducation.com . We will also require a copy of your CV and contact details. The window for applications closes on 7th December 2020.

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