Friday 29 January 2021

Introducing IMYC2020

Middle Years

We are thrilled to be releasing the IMYC2020 and sharing the exciting news with our international community. As we head into the 10th year of the IMYC, our curriculum team has been working throughout the year to guarantee that the International Middle Years Curriculum is current, engaging and enhances the development of learners.

IMYC2020 has been modernized using the latest neurological research, to ensure the curriculum meets the specific needs of 11-14-year old's on a global scale, by providing structures and systems that support a developing adolescent brain.

Some of the latest features include the new Process to Facilitate Learning, revised Learning Goals and updated units. The IMYC2020 will be fully developed over the next few years but some of the renovations introduce to the curriculum for launch are:

  • A new Process that Facilitates Learning
  • Updated Units of Learning
  • New Learning Goals
  • Inclusion of the new subject – health & well-being
  • Updated skill rubrics to align with the new Learning Goals
  • Three new Brainwave units with task and activities backed by neuroscience research

Lee Hendricks, Curriculum Manager - IMYC shared some of the exciting features for teachers and learners:

The review of the IMYC has been backed by even more sound research and neuroscience to effectively teach, connect with, and better understand learners in the middle years. Along with our revised Learning Goals, we are excited to share our updated Process to Facilitate Learning that now adds depth and rigour with the model of Research, Record, and Reflect to subject tasks. The curriculum also welcomes in the health and wellbeing and three new ‘brainwave’ units. These additions to the curriculum reflect the value of neuroscience research and awareness of learning development throughout the middle years. With the upgrades we have made this year to the IMYC2020, we are confident that these are just the first of many steps. Our goal is ‘improving learning’ and with feedback in the new year, we will continue to make more upgrades to our curriculum to best serve and develop the needs of our international community.’  

With all of the new elements and updates we can’t wait to see the IMYC2020 curriculum in action and to hear exciting feedback from our global community of the positive changes the new curriculum has made to their planning and to their students.

Fieldwork Education Divisional Director, Gregory Biggs conveyed what the update means for the future of the International Middle Years Curriculum:

We are thrilled to be releasing the reviewed IMYC2020, as it presents both a considerable enhancement for schools implementing the international curriculum today, while also creating a foundation from which will continue to develop the IMYC as a contemporary, relevant and rigorous international curriculum that supports schools with improving learning in the future.

For members wishing to explore, head to Myfieldwork and simple click the new page element for the IMYC2020 curriculum. We look forward to sharing more updates in 2021. Please keep an eye on our social media channels for #IMYC2020 for curriculum announcements in the near future!

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