Professional Learning

As well as our international curriculums, one of the key ways we help improve learning, is by supporting teachers and school leaders with a range of professional learning opportunities.

Many of our training opportunities are designed specifically for Fieldwork member institutions to support them to deliver our curriculums in their schools.

Our courses can be delivered either face-to-face, online or via blended learning.  Some member schools prefer to have us deliver the training in-school with all teachers and leaders learning together; some prefer the flexibility of learning online with a global cohort of teachers; others prefer a mix of both. We also offer a range of workshops and webinars.

Whether you opt for a course over two days or several weeks, it is important to consider what will be the best experience for your teachers and leaders. This is always a personal choice and we are happy to discuss your needs further to provide the best professional learning for your school.

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Regional Events

With Fieldwork members in almost 100 countries, we regularly host face-to-face workshops around the world. Our two day face-to-face training courses offer guidance for schools and teachers who are starting to implement our approaches to learning.

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Online Learning and Webinars

Our online courses guide teachers through key aspects of our curriculum. Each course lasts 3 weeks and can accommodate up to 30 participants from all over the world.

Fieldwork members (who are already using our curriculum) also have access to a range of free training webinars and resources on MyFieldwork. Our webinars are designed to support teachers in member schools to implement our curriculum. 
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Looking for Learning

Our Looking for Learning Toolkit provides tools and resources to transform your whole school to being truly learning-focused. It is affordable, accessible and flexible, and can be implemented by you, with your entire school staff.

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International Leadership and Management Programme

Our International Leadership and Management Programme develops more confident and effective leaders. It is for middle and senior leaders, who wish to develop their own leadership skills, and support their staff to improve learning.

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