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International Leadership and Management


About the ILMP

Our International Leadership and Management Programme (ILMP) is a professional development programme that will enhance your leadership and management abilities.

Drawing from experience, evidence and research, the ILMP will help you to build the knowledge and skills required to improve learning at your school.

Who is it for?

We run programmes for both Middle Leaders and Senior Leaders across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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What will you learn?

Our ILMP programmes will help you to become a more confident and effective leader. Our tutors and practitioners are part of a global network of like-minded leaders, devoted to raising standards of learning.

The programme focusses on four key areas:

Individual passions and beliefs

You will focus on building your own personal leadership skills, and build your understanding of how certain leadership approaches can make a difference to student learning.

  • Reflect on what it means to be a leader focused on improving student learning
  • Become a more strategic, confident and internationally-minded leader
  • Improve your understanding of how your leadership can indirectly improve learning
  • Understand the importance of defining leadership, and aligning all practices to fit this definition
  • Discover important differences between leadership and management
  • Learn more about current research on leadership, and how it impacts learning

Collective passions and beliefs

A good leader is able to inspire their team to work effectively and enthusiastically toward a common goal. You will explore how to hone the leadership skills required to support and develop your team

  • Develop your ability to challenge and develop individuals so that you can improve learning together
  • Become a better leader, coach and mentor to your confidence in working with senior and mid-level colleagues
  • Learn how leadership can guide your colleagues through change and harness innovation
  • Find out how to cultivate a shared passion for learning at your school
  • Discover how to create a culture of trust, communication and professionalism
  • Explore how distributed and shared leadership can change the dynamic of your school


You will discover how to find and apply valuable research and information about student learning in your arguments. You will also learn how to identify areas for improvement, and take responsibility for managing that change

  • Learn how to apply evidence and research to improve your leadership approach
  • Identify ways to meet and exceed your school's own learning goals
  • Discover how to take charge of improving key areas of learning, and gauge the impact on your students

Structures and systems

You will learn more about the structures and systems in place at your school, and how such systems can have an impact on effective student learning

  • Reflect on the structures and systems in place at your own school
  • Learn more about building systems that can help improve learning