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ILMP Senior Leaders

Through this extended year-long course, we aim to develop and challenge your leadership style, and introduce you to a growing network of international thinkers from schools across the world.

Who is it for?

Our Senior Leaders programme is tailored to anyone in a senior leadership role, including:

  • Directors, principals, headteachers
  • Associate principals, deputy heads, assistant heads
  • Curriculum directors
  • Admission officers
  • Leaders of learning

What will you learn?

This programme will support you to learn all about how personal leadership can impact on improving learning. It is made up of five units, spread over a calendar year including include face-to-face, online and experiential learning.

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Module 1: Preparational Learning (2 days)

  • Receive programme overview
  • Conduct focussed, structured reading on leadership and management (provided by tutor)
  • Assess your leadership journey so far
  • Plan your personal leadership goals

Module 2: Residential Learning (4.5 days)

  • Connect with your coach and collaborate with your online group
  • Reflect on current research and thinking on how leadership can impact learning
  • Consider how structures and systems can improve learning
  • Learn about leadership's role in promoting innovation and change
  • Discover how to build a culture of trust and professionalism
  • Use evidence to inform leadership practice
  • Explore coaching and mentoring approaches with your colleagues

Module 3: Collaborative Online Learning (5 days)

  • Receive personalised support from your online leadership coach and colleagues
  • Participate in online learning opportunities, such as discussions and exercises

Module 4: Personal Leadership Project (5 days)

  • Develop your own personal leadership project focussing on an area of your choice
  • Participate in discussions and exercises with your online group

Module 5: Residential Learning (3.5 days)

  • Present your personal leadership project, and reflect on how it will improve learning
  • Learn how to develop sustained and strategic leadership
  • Consider your next steps as a leader
  • Develop your international network of like-minded and innovators

This course really helped me to reflect on my strengths and areas for development as a leader within my school. I feel more confident and motivated to implement what I have learned about learning and leadership to develop our school further.

Rayna Birch,
Deputy Head Teacher, BEPS International School, Belgium

The ILMP really reflected the way forward for learning, which is to put the learning into practice immediately. There was not one thing that was said throughout the ILMP that was not asking for reflection and for practical application. Everything that we learned had value and application within the school environment.

Beatrice Caston,
International School of Dusseldorf, Germany
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