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Looking for Learning

Looking For Learning is a unique toolkit of resources for schools who wish to improve learning.

It provides a professional development and school improvement programme, challenging every staff member to work collectively and independently to improve learning. It enables teachers to identify how well their classes are responding, and use that evidence to make lessons more engaging and stimulating.

The biggest thing that we’re seeing with all our schools working with Looking for Learning is that everyone is now beginning to focus on the learning; starting with the learning and then and only then, going on to think about the teaching. It sounds like such a tiny thing but it’s so effective.

The underlying common thread is that the vast majority of our schools are now thinking ‘what are the conditions that we have to create to enable good learning to happen?"

Sheila Dentith,
Senior Inspector for the Primary Team and Primary Strategy Manager for Warwickshire County Council

Who is it for?

The toolkit is created for everyone at your school to benefit, offering a jargon-free approach that inspires your team to focus on better learning. It will give your staff the tools to assess how well their students are learning, and re-focus their lessons on what their classes need.

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What does it include?

The toolkit includes a series of manuals and DVDs, enabling you to deliver effective and affordable change in your own style, at your own pace.

The first two manuals focus on learning in the classroom.

Volume 1: Putting it into Practice, provides the background to the process and advises on how to use Looking for Learning in you school. It includes information on defining learning, creating a learning focused dashboard and introduces the 7 Looking for Learning questions.

Volume 2: What is Learning, explains how learning happens, and provides jargon-free explanations of the factors that affect learning. This includes information on the brain, memory, emotional intelligence, slow learning, good health and more.

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The second two manuals focus on identifying factors within the wider environment of the whole school that impact learning.

Volume 3: The Learning-Focused School, explores how learning in classrooms is more effective if it takes place within a learning-focused school. It provides a clear description of what makes a learning-focused school and provides the tools necessary to analyse how learning-focused a school is and how to build upon that.

Volume 4: Leading and Managing a Learning-Focused School, provides practical, accessible, jargon-free suggestions for leading and managing a learning-focused school.

Finally, Volume 5: Resources, includes a selection of DVDs showing Looking for Learning in action with teachers in classrooms to support each manual.

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Benefits of Looking for Learning

There are several benefits of the Looking for Learning Toolkit:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s accessible to every school; however small or remote (where consultancy support may be prohibitive)
  • It’s flexible – as a school you can follow the Looking for Learning process in the way that best suits your leadership style, your teachers and your most immediate needs
  • It’s relevant for every school – because at the heart of every school is the need to ensure that all children learn
  • It’s presented in a jargon-free, easy-to-understand, quick-to-read, step-by-step way
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Looking for Learning is absolutely significant for helping you to understand how much learning is going on. It’s transformational. It’s revolutionary; it’s changed my whole outlook of learning. I’m no longer concerned about SATs scores. If the learning is good in the classroom then the SATs results will be good."

Mike Horton,
Headmaster of the British School of Chicago