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What Our Schools Say

What do our members say about the IMYC? 

Here you will find comments and case studies from teachers around the world who have implemented the IMYC in their schools and classrooms.

The IMYC is taking our learning into more depth. Things are happening with the learning that weren’t happening before. It’s helping the students to have more confidence in their learning, of wanting to know more, it’s developing their presentation skills - the planning, the content, and the presenting itself; it’s all so much better.

I think, as a result of the IMYC, the students will think better and be better prepared for IGCSE. We actually see the children talking with each other about their learning. They are looking at the way others are doing their presentations and taking what they see as the best bits and developing them further; getting the benefit of learning from their peers.

It does take time to get to know the IMYC but now, into our third year, we are seeing some real benefits to the students.”

Malcolm Davis,
Director, International School of Bremen, Germany

We think more importantly than for accreditation, the self-review document provides a much needed framework for implementation of the program as a whole. We have had terrific support from Fieldwork Education and Isabel over our first two years of implementation.

Amanda Hart,
Curriculum Coordinator, International School of Koje, South Korea - an IPC Accredited school

The IMYC is a more themed approached to learning. As students go into the advanced years of key stage 4 they do really well, compared to nationally. We do really well in our curriculum. Through our unique ethos there are many opportunities. We have students who go on to win national competitions, and it brings in a whole range of schools.

Jason Holbrook,
Head of College, Avonbourne College, England
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